The Red House

Me, Sheila, Graham and Cheryl went to the Red House in Bexleyheath which was William Morris’s home. There was not much to see as the building was stripped of it’s contents after WM left. The house and gardens are amazingly set in a typical suburban road with mile after mile of semi-detached houses. Visits to such places I feel are marred by the trend of people using audio headsets to guide them around. It is bizarre watching silent zombies shuffling and shambling from place to place completely oblivious to the ambience around them. Earlier we ate at a pub, the Kings Arms, offering Sunday roasts at £5. The meals we had were delicious, superbly cooked and heaps of food. As we left, tripping over zimmer frames, we realised the place was packed with scores of OAPs, greedily gobbling down their food, obviously well aware of a bargain.

Ooops! Of course, we are also OAPs.


9 responses to “The Red House

  1. bloody brilliant blog. 3 Bs!!!!

  2. this is mind-blowing! i wish i’d kept back some of my money to donate to the author of this blog.

  3. a bit effete, i thought

  4. Eeerie, i thought

  5. very teutonic!

  6. yes, definitely a good point

  7. i do agree

  8. couldn’t be truer

  9. The Kings Arms is always good value. Try their homemade steak and kidney pie.

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