Daily Archives: 3 October, 2010

buckingham palace

Last Wednesday, Cheryl arranged for a tour of Buckingham Palace.


20th anniversary of the unification of Germany

Bremen is where Chancellor Merkel is leading the celebrations of the unification of Germany which occurred 20 years ago, today. Merkel. of course, is one of the 1.5 million people that moved into the ‘west’ after 3 October 1990. Interestingly, this event also coincides with an article in today’s Observer about von Ribbentrop and St. Ives.

Meanwhile, our home enters the seventh month of disruption this year. Currently, Bob the Builder is replacing the guttering, roof tiles and re-rendering the chimney stack. Decorators, curtain makers and carpet layers are still in the wings and we have yet to get cracking and do our bit.

Anyway, lighter activities absorbed my attention at Teresa’s life drawing class at the scout hut in Theydon Bois, yesterday. Amanda, the model, posed in costume as Anne Boleyn as well as in more traditional postures.