Daily Archives: 15 October, 2010


I get to see quite a bit of Louisa this week. Thursday night she and Julian took us to the Hoxton Apprentice for a meal, which was their ‘thank you’ for staying with us whilst their house was being remodelled. The Apprentice is a Jamie Oliver “15” type restaurant. Hoxton was very lively and full of young people and bars.

Saturday is our portrait class at Bedford House with Ron Clark. Shade (pronounced Charday) is a ballerina who has posed several times for life classes and is our model. I go back to oils – something I haven’t done for a least a year. The picture is not great but I enjoyed my reacquaintance with the medium.


And, on Sunday, the family meet up at Louisa’s house for lunch and to celebrate Danae’s 37th. birthday. It is the first time I see their new home completed.

Meanwhile, in other news, the 33 Chilean miners were rescued from the San Jose mine after 69 days incarceration. It was truly a stirring event and such a change to watch “good” news for once.