Daily Archives: 22 October, 2010

comparative values, comparative wages

A favourite phrase in  exam questions is “Compare and contrast….”.

The Guardian is featuring two stories prominently; one is about Wayne Rooney and the other is about Marisol Valles Garcia. The interest in Rooney, 24, focuses on his decision to leave Manchester United for Manchester City so that he can earn £260,000 a week. The attention given to Miss Garcia, 20, is that for £100 a week she will be the police chief of a dangerous drug-controlled area of Mexico.

Rooney is still crawling away from the limelight over his sex with prostitutes whilst his wife, Colleen, was pregnant and is now upsetting MU with his decision to leave them so that he can best further his career.

Miss Garcia is a student and mother and a ‘last hope’ candidate for a job where her predecessor was beheaded.

So, what was the question? Compare and contrast the values of young people….? Perhaps this’ll be something for Graham and I to discuss when we meet for our usual Friday lunch at the Victoria Tavern.