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The last few weeks have been occupied with carpet layers, curtain fitters and Steve, our decorator, who spent the equivalence of 3 of those weeks painting our bedroom, sitting room and toilet. He started in mid October, took a break whilst we went to St. Ives, resumed and eventually finished. He has done a great job. Our house doesn’t actually look any different: same sort of curtains, carpets and colour scheme but it does look very refreshed.

During this time my back, in particular, has suffered by missing it’s Tuesday rests and putting up with the pain and indignities of early rising. I hope to begin to recover now that the major works are over.On the health front chickweed has proven to be a brilliant antidote for my eczema.

There have been several birthdays: Ray is 60, Graham 64 and, more importantly, Rocco is 3. Rocco had a party at Tumble in the Jungle, a softplay environment  on Wood Street, and a family do later. He now likes to be “Woody”.

Ray’s 60th was a superb event but marred for him by news of Smither’s imminent demise. We went to the Bleeding Heart pub in Farringdon with them a few days later not realising how aptly named the place was. Not bad but a bit stuck up it’s arse.

Not like Le Mercury in Islington  that we went to with Graham and Cheryl after looking around Amy’s house. Wonderful Gallic food and stunningly low prices – £9 for a main course. My favourite french restaurant. Oddly enough, we met Jude outside the town hall where he now works.

The last weekend of the month was spent with Thom and Tara. Thom and I went to see West Ham play Wigan and they WON! ( their next match was against Manchester United in the Carling Cup and they beat MU 4 – 0 to go into the quarter finals). We then had Sunday lunch and Thom did a sausage cassoulet.


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