Daily Archives: 18 December, 2010

in search of a character

Google seems increasingly debased as a search engine for matters serious. The flooding of the internet with blogs (of which this is an additional droplet) can’t be helping.  I am seeking a list of characters in literature. I know they exist in book form and I am sure I discovered them on the web in the past. But I can’t find one now. Not a proper one.

I am stuck on Araucaria‘s bumper Xmas crossword puzzle for a Rudyard Kipling character. The  top entries, of the 77,300 results within 0.23 seconds, are about the Jungle Book (but the Disney version). Because there are other clues relating to writers and books, I search for a list of literary characters in general, of which there are 35,000,000, but the best I come up with is weighted heavily towards children’s books and comics with Captain Ahab being the exception.

It is the final of Strictly Come Dancing tonight and it turns out that Vince Cable will dance in the Christmas edition. In view of his unprincipled stand on students fees this is as wholesome as Hitler in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Actually, a series of I’m a Celeb composed of notorious dead people might be interesting.… Hitler, Jesus, Alexander the Great, Marquis de Sade, Queen Victoria, Helen of Troy, Immanuel Kant, Beethoven, Marilyn Monroe,  Joan of Arc?