Daily Archives: 4 January, 2011

Lush New Year

We dressed up to the nines and met at SallyAnne’s house to celebrate the LUSH New Year. Everybody brought dishes and we played charades till 5 o’clock in the morning.

The men….

……and the women.



December was the coldest since records began in 1910 and snow and illnesses covered the country. Louisa had pneumonia but everyone succumbed to some sort of chest infection that was hard to shake off. Our pre-Xmas break with the Crockers, Burkes and Foreman-Pecks was in  a fabulous barn near Smarden that Pete had organised but I had contracted my bug a week earlier and never got outside the barn door till it was home time.

Still, we had a good time at Christmas celebrating Heilige Abend at Louisa and Julian’s house, Christmas day with Danae and Nathan and post-Christmas with Thom and Tara. Esme, Rocco and Tove were the prism through which we focused and got greatest enjoyment though the devilled eggs, capon, roast potatoes, gazpacho and ham in coke were very memorable.

Other highlights were getting the results of Julian’s quiz for our predictions for the year 2010 – Thom was first with the most accurate forecast, but I came second. Julian has admonished us not to be so competitive next time and Esme pointed out that it wasn’t winning but taking part that mattered.

One of my rare forays out of the house was with Sheila, Julian and Thom to the ICA to see Tarkovsky‘s Stalker. We had a meal at the Wolseley first and enjoyed the luxury of silver service but didn’t spot any celebs other than a David Frost look-alike. Ray says he stopped going when the other diners kept staring at him thinking he was Vincent Price.

Nathan didn’t fancy Stalker, although he also has the computer game, because he once shared a flat with a Tarkovsky devotee who played his films endlessly. Sheila, who had baulked once she realised what she had let herself in for, didn’t sleep through too much of the film which was, for me, haunting and mesmerising.

Visit to Narnia

As the snow quietly thickened, settled and began to cover everywhere, we set off to the Ice Queen’s home. It took forever but finally we found the bleak lights that glimmered around the door to her palace and entered.  We had never met Mr. Tumnus before, but he seemed nice and liked the children. Very hungry, we made our way to the kitchen and saw a mountainous banquet of food piled on the groaning tables.

As we rushed to feed our ravenous stomachs we heard the screech and cackle of the Ice Queen as she laughed at our foolishness at believing she could ever have provided such a delight of delicatessen. All we saw in front of us was Morrison’s economy brand ham. Ugghh!