Visit to Narnia

As the snow quietly thickened, settled and began to cover everywhere, we set off to the Ice Queen’s home. It took forever but finally we found the bleak lights that glimmered around the door to her palace and entered.  We had never met Mr. Tumnus before, but he seemed nice and liked the children. Very hungry, we made our way to the kitchen and saw a mountainous banquet of food piled on the groaning tables.

As we rushed to feed our ravenous stomachs we heard the screech and cackle of the Ice Queen as she laughed at our foolishness at believing she could ever have provided such a delight of delicatessen. All we saw in front of us was Morrison’s economy brand ham. Ugghh!


One response to “Visit to Narnia

  1. You are the Sven Berlin of Loughton and I need the secret key to identify the hidden message in your post! Narnia? Ice Queen? Who could she be? Morrison’s?

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