Daily Archives: 9 January, 2011

Esme’s 5th birthday party

Esme is so grown up now that she is 5 years old! She had a fabulous party with her friends and Corky the magician and entertainer after which Danae cooked a superb spaghetti followed by a tarte tatin for all the family. Esme stayed up till nearly 11 pm and didn’t wilt.

Thom joined us from Norwich where he had watched the Orient win to continue into the next round of the FA Cup. West Ham and Torquay are also through so there may be some interesting clashes of interest.



Sheila called asking me what were the birds in our garden. To my amazement there were 20 plus waxwings greedily eating berries on the trees. They seemed ravenous and within a few minutes were off searching for the next bush.

I have never seen waxwings before and so was quite excited. When I checked with London Birdwatching (me@leaman.org.uk) there had been other sightings in the north London area. Clearly bad weather had brought these birds from the Arctic and Scandinavia to Britain where they are quite rare.