Daily Archives: 16 January, 2011

the big bad wolf

Post-Christmas has to be a pantomime. Ours was Red Riding Hood at the Theatre Royal in Stratford. Normally I hate the idea of the panto, yet on every occasion I have enjoyed the experience. I put this down to going with the grandchildren but, in truth, the Theatre Royal is also an atmospheric place to be in. And, of course, Sheila knows most of the cast having taught them at some time.

Pantomimes must have their scary characters and we wondered¬†whom, amongst the grandkids, would be frightened. But the big bad wolf, initially posing as Sir Robin Wales, didn’t cause too much trouble; Tove seemingly being the least bothered. My hat off, though, to the huge mechanical BBW, with glowing red eyes, that brought the first half to a close.


long-tailed tits

More exotic bird life. Nothing that unusual РI have seen them in the garden before Р but still seldom seen, was the sight of a small flock of long-tailed tits feeding on the peanuts with the usual blue tits and great tits.

Why this recent influx of uncommon birds into my garden? Redwings next?