in praise of leaks

How does one explain an “own goal” to Andy Gray, the expert of the offside rule? This football pundit now finds himself looking for another job, perhaps with Top Gear, for his misogynistic remarks which have been leaked to the public.

This has been a good time for whistleblowers. The downfall of a corrupt repressive regime in Tunisia has been largely attributed to WikiLeaks and as the government fell there were murmurs of a “domino effect” in the middle east. Today there are riots and uprisings in Egypt against the equally vile and oppressive Hosni Mubarak regime. And so where next? Algeria, Libya, Jordan or Morocco? Also, hooray for the internet that makes whistleblowing so much easier and effective.

Whistleblowers have had a bad press latterly and many organisations have gagging clauses and severe penalties to protect themselves from them. But if it is the only effective way to combat sexism, or corruption and injustice, whether at Sky or in Tunisia, then praise be to leaks. And dinosaurs like Andy Gray, the man who went straight from puberty to adultery, should beware and be aware of the new age of public communication we live in

On a more mundane note my new Jamie Oliver pressure cooker also has a leak and won’t work. A 25 minute meal took 3 hours last night to get onto the table. Still, the nice people at Southern Electricity have promised a replacement. 

Odd thing was I was cooking leeks! Really.


3 responses to “in praise of leaks

  1. Perhaps Tony Blair should note what is happening in Tunisia and now Egypt; possibly a better way to achieve regime change?

  2. My sentiments exactly.

  3. Seems the uprisings are spreading to Algeria. Pakistan next? This is definitely the way to go as opposed to the carnage and slaughter that took place in Iraq.

    Maybe this mood of defiance and taking to the streets could spread to Britain?

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