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Super Moon

I took this photo of the “super moon” at 7.09 pm when the moon was just rising over the horizon and when it was at it’s closest to the Earth since 1992.

There is plenty of speculation as to whether super moons herald disasters. I doubt it. Human stupidity and cupidity will be the reason for the attack on Libya that started this evening not this beautiful satellite.


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the three of us

For the first time, in maybe decades, I am able to put together contemporaneous photos of myself and my two younger brothers Alex and Joss.

another brother

It’s been a frazzling few days. Danae had to have operation to free a nut in her throat, Louisa became concerned about her baby, due anyday now, and needed to go to hospital to be monitored and Thom gets knocked over and concussed by a hit-and-run nazi bicyclist whilst on a zebra crossing. All three kids could have been in Whipps Cross in the same week – as it was Danae and Lou were.

To cap it all I get a parking ticket, almost plastered over the perfectly legal parking voucher on display, on Happy Monday whilst we are looking after Rocco and Tove. I have appealed and expect to have the fine rescinded but my view of parking attendants as useless scum is now well reinforced.

All this, of course, is overshadowed by the 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that have hit Japan. I am incredulous that in a vast ocean like the Pacific the tsunami can race across it in one day from North Japan to New Zealand.

Whilst checking that Joss is safe in Kuala Lumpur and that his house in Bali isn’t in danger of being swept away I hear through him that Alex has started a print and web design business. I check and discover he is still living somewhere in South Woodham Ferrers with Brenda Leaman – our new sister-in-law.