When I’m 64

Not a great fan of the Beatles, but I do appreciate this song a little better now that, today, I am 64 years old. I spend it quietly and relax pleasantly. Sheila is in court but has given me two cerebral books; Thom is in Barcelona for the Primavera concert featuring Pulp and has sent some flowers; Louisa has phoned and Tove has sung “Happy Birthday” and Danae, Esme and Rocco made a surprise visit in the evening . So it has been very enjoyable.

BTW I have googled “mike leaman” and been astonished at the number of mike leamans about who are quite similar to myself – ie interested in computers, west country associations, same taste in books, films etc. Of course, as Leamans we may all be genetically connected. I’d quite like to set up a Facebook/Blog whose membership was inclusive of just mike leamans to see how much we had to share. Hmmm?


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