Marshwood Manor

sunset at Marshwood Manor

lyme regis

We’ve been used to spending some time holidaying as a family in Southwold, ever since my back operation prevented me from going to China. My consolation prize, as it were. But now the family has increased to twelve the place in Stradbroke Road, just up from the lighthouse, is too small; anyway, it’s been sold. So, Marshwood Manor was a new, and unknown, venture. But one which proved to be very pleasurable – a large country house in an estate of outhouses and fields of cattle and with a swimming pool and play areas for children and adults.

Our activities (apart from enjoying the house and eating and drinking and having fun) included a day at Charmouth searching, like Mary Anning, for fossils, looking up my previous homes in nearby Hawkchurch and Axminster, watching the night sky now that the stars were visible again, eating fish and chips on a hillside in Lyme Regis that overlooked the Cobb, a noisy lunch in Bridport, and a  superb meal at the River Cottage Canteen in Axminster.

charmouth - looking for fossils

the hill overlooking The Cobb

Maiden Newton was nearby so we were able to collect Judy Stinton, one of Sheila’s oldest friends, and bring her back for lunch and a catch-up of news.

Towards the end of our stay we had the news that Kiri was being induced and Lily May (born 19th August 2011) is now a grand-niece.

Lily May


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