Apples, bananas and iPads

On the day that Steve Jobs announced his retirement I discovered something very important and potentially worth a fortune that Apple have overlooked or chosen to keep hidden.

Being something of an amateur artist with a penchant for computer gadgets, I’ve been very excited about the ArtRage app and the iPad. Drawing and painting with your fingers is OK and some good effects can be achieved but sometimes a little bit more is needed and that is when I yearn for a stylus.

Trouble is normal styluses don’t work and there aren’t many sources for the very specialised ones that will work. And they are expensive. I tried making my own but the result was clunky. Eventually, I ordered a brush from Nomad in the USA. The very best at $24.

So you can imagine my chagrin when I discovered, after accidentally leaving the fruit on top of my iPad, that a banana works as a perfectly good stylus/brush. And it’s great to eat afterwards.

But seriously, there must be money in this – either from Fyffes or from Apple.


3 responses to “Apples, bananas and iPads

  1. It also works on the iPhone.

  2. Weirdly, since Steve has gone my mac devices have taken on a life of their own. Or a phantom has taken over. My iPhone made a call on it’s own, an old email arrived from Kate as if today, my printer has printed pages I never sent it and my G5 has shanghai-ed my macbook magic mouse.
    Will Apple collapse – is this like the Romans leaving Britain?

  3. But at least you’ll still have your banana.

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