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gipsy caravan

Although Graham has often extolled the virtues of camping, my memories are jaundiced by my experiences which were either of small bivouac tents, which were worse than useless, or the clumsy, heavy fabric monsters that the army used, which took hours to erect.

But our children and families successfully enticed us to join them at The Orchard Campsite, just outside Wickham Market. Whilst they stayed in state-of-the-art tents, Sheila and I had the use of a genuine gipsy caravan.

We had a great time and my doubts and fears about “living rough” were dispelled. We were within yards of clean toilets and washing facilities and had a small shop/cafe from which we could buy food and drink.

Mostly we sat around talking and playing with the grandchildren. In the evening Nathan built a fire and we chatted and watched the moon and stars which, unlike in London, were visible. It was a lovely time and wonderful to have all the family together.


Woodbridge was a revelation. I have  passed the place so many times and never realised what a gem the town was. Old with lovely buildings and a harbour, this was PLU ville.

fluffy and friends


new bitch on the block

diane and kizzy

Inevitably Diane had her own way and arrived home with Kizzy, a sprocker, from Cornwall. She is named after Keziah, a daughter of Job. Kizzy is one of 5 puppies so Ray is lucky he only has the one addition to his gods.