Daily Archives: 19 September, 2011

lily may has her first big family party

Lily May, at 1 month old, was the centre of attraction at the first big family get-together since her birth a month ago. Neil and Natalie were still in San Diego because of their dog Daisy’s love of chocolate, but nearly everyone else was there.

Harper and Lily are only 5 months different in age! How quick they grow.


not everyone managed to squeeze out onto the patio for the photo


159 Westfield

On the third day after it opened, I visited Westfield. Sheila and I were at Thom’s flat seeing Chris and Darren from Felicity Lord and Ellis and Co about renting the property out. It took ten minutes from Thom’s flat to get into John Lewis in Stratford City whereas Sheila took a gruelling couple of hours by tube and bus to get to the store’s Oxford Street little brother. There was an element of synchronicity that hit me later when I tried to find my car to return to the flat. Good job I had taken a photo of where I’d parked! Good old Jung!

The omens were good that day and one of the John Lewis partners, who served me, turned out to be Kuljit from Eleanor Smith School. He remembered being there in 1987. I’m no fan of supermarkets and shopping malls but, seeing how dreadful Loughton has become for shopping, it will be pleasant to find some decent shops without having travel ridiculous distances. I bought a stylus for my iPad in the new Apple Store – it cost £24 which would have also bought a lot of bananas.

Guess where I am?