Daily Archives: 18 October, 2011

Carry on Camping

My antidote to the excesses of TOWIE was to join the Occupy the London Stock Exchange in their encampment on the steps of St. Paul’s cathedral. Not only do I agree with their sentiments but I was also delighted with the story that Canon Giles Fraser had asked the police to leave saying he was happy with the people exercising their right to demonstrate peacefully. Ray tells me the canon is a great friend of Lucy’s.

Ironically, the meeting I attended was debating how too look after the donations that had been raised in support of the movement. The speakers had qualms and were clearly embarrassed that they might need to put the money in a bank account.


Back home I had to pass the TOWIE shops but couldn’t avoid being spotted by Lauren Goodger and Kirk Norcross. Loughton has become a Trollop town, literally not literarily.