we are the 99%

The front of the Guardian’s G2 section.

The tents are still there but the press and public attitudes are starting to take shape and focus. So too is St. Paul’s stance, reportedly now revising it’s liberal standpoint, now that it’s tent tenants seem to want to stay awhile.

There are two good articles in today’s G2 which is more or less given over to the Occupy movement. The first is from the perspective of a reporter camping with the protestors and the second is by Simon Jenkins, whose opinion I normally detest but with whom I feel some sympathy today.

Doonesbury, my favourite political cartoon strip, is also currently featuring the Occupy movement in the States.


One response to “we are the 99%

  1. Giles Fraser resigned as Canon on 26 oct as he couldn’t reconcile his conscience with evicting the protest camp. He says “my red line was about using violence in the name of the church to clear people on. It has been very peaceful, the camp, and I feel that the church cannot answer peaceful protest with violence”.

    I am not one for heroes, bearing in mind what Brecht said about them, but he is a hero! A man in the tradition of Canon Collins. Trevor Huddleston and David Shepherd.

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