St. Ives autumn half-term

The old person’s rail fare to St. Ives is an incredibly low £13 which is vastly cheaper than the cost of driving and parking there. There are also the wonderful views as the train trundles down the Exe estuary and along the coast, with the breakers crashing alongside the carriages, to Teignmouth. There is also the incredibly long journey as the train stops at every town and village and hamlet west of Plymouth. But what the heck, it’s half-term and Sheila and I, with Danae, Esme and Rocco are about to join Louisa, Julian, Tove and Harper for a few days.

We were, of course, here this time last year when we walked away with the first prize at the Castle Inn Quiz. So there has to be a repeat performance. Sadly, I don’t take part but Julian and Sheila return with second prize – 2nd out of 22 tables and just the 2 of them!

not such a fun quiz for the losers!

The weather is variable but the views are stunning and a new moon means neap tides. The cold doesn’t stop Danae, Louisa and Julian swimming every day and the children want to get on the beach whenever they can. We leave St. Ives though for a trip to the Wayside Museum in Zennor  and lunch at the Tinner’s Arms. St. Andrew’s, Blas, Onshore  and the inestimably wonderful Digey are also other eateries we favour. Not sure that any of them are Symons’ establishments though.

the children carve out Halloween pumpkins ...

... which are scary enough to frighten Rocco, although he made one of them.

Sheila and her iPhone

the ever iconic lighthouse

Other pictures are, as usual, on my Gallery website.


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