Daily Archives: 8 November, 2011

olympic site

It’s been on my doorstep long enough and I’ve passed it often enough on the tube or along the Eastway but, finally, I visit the Olympic site. It is Happy Monday and Sheila and I are with Louisa and the grandkids and we take the Docklands Light Railway to Pudding Mill Lane to the View Tube. This is a shipping container converted into a cafe and a classroom. From here we walk the Greenway, Victorian London’s main northern sewer to Old Ford and have lunch at the Counter. It is a glorious way for seeing the Olympic site taking shape.

the northern outfall sewer passing over the Lea

the venue for the Olympic helter-skelter competition

there seems to be a lot still to do

We all got very excited at seeing a long slow-moving sinister train that we were sure was carrying nuclear waste. This has long been a local concern.