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woodford half-marathon

Louisa, Julian and Thom all take part in a local half-marathon. Afterwards, with all the family gathered together, we have lunch to which I contribute homemade hamburgers.

Thom gets round in a blistering 90 minutes – a personal best – and Louisa is fast, considering she now has two children, and finishes 14th out of some 150 women. Julian, in his first half-marathon, does it in an amazing two hours. All in all, there was a field of 1000 entrants.


....Thom, in between....

.....Louisa in between....

......Louisa, in between......

......Julian, in between.....

.......and after!

All the runners had a tag on their shoes and this sent out a signal so that as they crossed the finishing line their time went out instantly and I could pick it up on my iPhone. Awesome!


elaine’s 60th birthday

Elaine is now 6o and has a party at her house to celebrate. Michael, clutching a wine glass in one hand and a beer in the other, tells me of his impending retirement and plans for travel: Margie buttonholes me and gives me valuable advice on health that doctors used to give when they practised medicine instead of meeting targets.

the men.....

.....the women


St. Ives – the rain it raineth every day

But it didn’t!  Although we saw Norman Garstin’s painting in the Penlee Gallery and Diane even bought a copy in a junk shop nearby, the rain stayed away.

the scene of Garstin's painting

zandvoort fisher girl

In fact, as we travelled by train from icy, cold London the temperatures rose from freezing to 10° with blues skies and sunshine.

above the Loe Bar - a lake formed by a sand bar at a river mouth

heading back to Porthleven

We spent three days with the Crockers, walking around Porthleven to the Loe Bar, visiting Penzance where we bought a new flat screen tv (bigger than their one at home!), and eating at the Porthgwidden cafe, Ocean Grill and Onshore (my favourite this time). We even had a soiree for their Hungarian hair-dresser Frank at which John, their neighbour, told us more about the Symonds who seem quite an honourable lot despite their owning St. Ives.

on Porthgwidden beach

by the harbour

More pictures in my flickr gallery.

winter wonderland

The long-awaited Arctic snowfall arrived Saturday evening. The fine snow fell all night to a depth of 9 inches so Sunday was a home day. No Tate gallery with Pete and Sue but lunch out at Loch Fyne instead.

night time


a grateful blue tit

a redwing still feasting on the ivy berries

Apparently, the climate has been consistently cooling since 1997. To be a global warming denier nowadays puts a person on par with a holocaust denier so strong are the PC attitudes of some people on this subject. Yet there is a human conceit that we are in control of the Earth when, more likely, we not even of the stature of pygmies to the colossus that is nature. I know we pollute and foul our environment but I am not entirely convinced with the foregone conclusion that some of the more zealous campaigners come up with.

There is the usual thoughtful article in the Mail on this subject. I don’t agree with that either but I’m pretty sure that whatever we do, in the end, “mother nature” has the final say. But global warming or not, the clientele  of the NuBar, particularly the hardy TOWIE cast, party on despite the Arctic blizzards.

mark's sister, jessica, not worried about the weather at the Nu Bar


I saw a flock of redwings in the garden again today. They are only here fleetingly, swiftly plundering the trees of berries and moving on elsewhere. They come from Siberia every few years, either in January or February, when the weather is very cold and an Arctic high pressure hangs over the country.

The last sightings I have recorded were in:

January 1996
January 2000
January 2002
February 2008
January 2010
and, of course, February 2012.