winter wonderland

The long-awaited Arctic snowfall arrived Saturday evening. The fine snow fell all night to a depth of 9 inches so Sunday was a home day. No Tate gallery with Pete and Sue but lunch out at Loch Fyne instead.

night time


a grateful blue tit

a redwing still feasting on the ivy berries

Apparently, the climate has been consistently cooling since 1997. To be a global warming denier nowadays puts a person on par with a holocaust denier so strong are the PC attitudes of some people on this subject. Yet there is a human conceit that we are in control of the Earth when, more likely, we not even of the stature of pygmies to the colossus that is nature. I know we pollute and foul our environment but I am not entirely convinced with the foregone conclusion that some of the more zealous campaigners come up with.

There is the usual thoughtful article in the Mail on this subject. I don’t agree with that either but I’m pretty sure that whatever we do, in the end, “mother nature” has the final say. But global warming or not, the clientele  of the NuBar, particularly the hardy TOWIE cast, party on despite the Arctic blizzards.

mark's sister, jessica, not worried about the weather at the Nu Bar


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