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Michael’s retirement/60th birthday party

The LUSH A team met at Saag Tharn for a Thai meal to congratulate and celebrate Michael’s retirement and (again) his 60th birthday. Michael gave a speech and John replied with a poem, which was usually Michael’s trademark at such functions.

LUSH A team

Michael captivates his guests

John is our Loughton Laureate


Harper’s One today!

Harper celebrates his first birthday on Mother’s Day (Mothering Sunday as Ray demands it be remembered). Diane and Lucy, with Seth and Kit, come and we have delicious vegetarian food that I am able to eat – unlike the fare at the NSPCC function.

Harpers'cake and candle

Harper's big sister

Later Julian and Tove put on a Magic Lantern show which can be seen on You Tube. Other pictures are also in my Flickr link.

Of course, now that he is ONE, Harper can climb stairs!

this was where he got to after going "missing" for a couple of minutes on Happy Monday!

Jubilee NSPCC fund-raiser

We go to Sally Anne’s dinner and dance at the Woodford and Wells Tennis club where we join the rest of the LUSH A Team. Nearly everyone else is wearing a mask of someone in the royal family. It is disconcerting and troubling.

We do dress up, though.

sheila in her Biba dress

me with two pieces of good art in the background

.....then and now....

We are posed in front of a painting by John Strevens, a local artist, who painted Sheila as a teenager.


Some awesome events of the last couple of days:

My Belling cooker came. The same model as the old one but with induction coils.

We met with Thom and Tara to see All New People at the Duke of York’s theatre, where we had previously seen Ghost Story. The plays here are not so mainstream and are usually short and without an interval. The theatre is small and Victorian in style. Eva Myles, the welsh policewoman from Torchwood was one of the four characters in the play.

My new iPad (and Nathan’s arrived). Awesome and I hope it “just works”.

But the most awesome thing was the photo Thom sent me:

sunrise on Mars

Happy Mondays



A lesson in guile! Rocco decided not to eat his lunch of scrambled eggs despite our comments of there being no pudding if he didn’t. He sat glumly staring at his plate until Tove shoved her empty dish towards him and swapped. Rocco picked up Tove’s spoon and starting to finish off the scraps left. They both smiled sweetly and waited for their yoghurts and fruit.

nearly one

sunday roast with the griswolds

The family met for roast lamb and Louisa’s onion soup, Danae’s clementine and chocolate cakes and Thom’s cookies. Afterwards the Griswolds entertained the grandchildren with You Tube films of sharks and crocodiles eating people on Danae’s newly acquired iPod.

a man puts his hand into an alligator's jaws

Meanwhile my pigeon has found a girlfriend.

will he share his peanuts with her?