a day in town

We start the day by meeting with Louisa, Tove and Harper on Woodford station and then with Thom at Maggs Bros in Berkeley Square reputedly the most haunted house in London. But it wasn’t ghosts we came to see, but an exhibition of photographs of “subterranean London“. I was desperate for a diabetic wee but none of the cafes and restaurants offered toilet facilities; thankfully, Maggs did. Afterwards we had lunch in a non-chain fast food cafe –Katies of Mayfair – which was extraordinarily cheap and very good. It was raining. Just as we had a prolonged summer spell a few weeks ago, now we have a constant deluge. And this at a time of official drought. So we took a taxi to Windmill Street and Adrian Eckersley’s art exhibition at the Framer’s Gallery.

one of Adrian's urban landscapes

Sheila and I then went on to Piccadilly and Tibits to meet the Crockers to celebrate Diane’s 61st birthday. Later we ended up at St. James’ for a London Mayoral hustings featuring Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone, Jenny Jones and Brian Paddick. Boris played the buffoon leaving one with no idea of what he had been talking about; Ken was his slimy self and Jenny was the ‘Loose Woman’ sucking up to both past and present incumbents. Brian was the only ‘straight’ person. Which is ironic as he is gay and frequently says so. Oh, and Roger Chartres was there. Very eminence gris and smarmy.


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