Crocker weekend in Norfolk

A third Crocker family weekend! This time at Manor Farm, a Landmark Trust property  in Pulham Market in Norfolk.

We spend Saturday at Lowestoft, a place we were warned never to visit when we used to stay nearby at Southwold. I now know why this advice was wise and Nelson became a sailor to escape his birth place.

the gang of three huddling together on the Sunrise Coast

a Lowestoft beauty spot

ness point - the most easterly part of Britain

high spots....

We escape from Lowestoft to Somerleyton, ancestral home of the carpet Crossleys. Hugh and Lara live there and have just had a baby girl so Pete’s claim to the lordship becomes more remote.

the church at Somerleyton

some other Crossleys

The next day we continue our culture fest and visit Blickling Hall where Joel had lit the paintings. We had been here previously with the Eckersleys when we stayed at their cottage on the crumbling coast.

one of these is Henry VIII by Holbein

mirror, mirror...

the underside of the huge hedge

Back at the farm we had fun with Pushkin and Matilde poking around the barns and finding nests and a duck’s head. Next morning, Diane popped a hen’s egg in a swallow’s nest that Pushkin had carefully placed in an apple tree near the house. He was excited!

On the way home we stopped for lunch at the Bull in Long Melford and looked in the antique shops. I bought a brass lamp and a book on Borley Rectory, the most haunted house in Britain. The book  features Harry Price whom Thom is using as the main character in the scripts he is writing. I thought this might be a good present for his birthday.

Borley Church - the rectory was opposite before it burned down

What a surprise as we drove off towards home to go through Borley and past the church and site of the old rectory!


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