Daily Archives: 7 May, 2012

west ham 3 cardiff losers

Thom and I sat in row HH, the very top of the West Stand and just under the roof, but it still was a very good, if birds eye view, of West Ham beating Cardiff  3-0 to go ahead, 5 – 0 on aggregate, to play at Wembley for promotion to whatever they now call Division 1.

bubbles at the academy

They’ll probably play Blackpool who Thom and I saw beaten by Torquay there in 1991. Unfortunately the date will be May 19, which coincides with the family get-together with Kiri-ann.

Football, nowadays, is a more sedate and sober entertainment. Gone is the blatant racism, the loud obscenities and the constant noisy chanting, singing and banter. Hand clapping is the way appreciation is shown. Perhaps this is because everyone now has a seat? But what seats! I am 11 and a half stone, 34 inch waisted and a modest 5 foot 9 inches tall and I seem to spill over the sides of my chair. But, of course, I can’t  – as sitting on either side of me are two 15 stone, 42 inch waisted supporters that I don’t want to argue with.