my first ride

A Lostwalk day but no-one is around. Not that I am bothered as I fancy another day to  myself. Especially as I have my new Carrera Banshee to try out. I puzzled and puzzled over the gears and how to change them and whilst there was plenty of stuff on the internet I couldn’t find out the simplest piece of information – i.e. how does one actually operate them?

In the end trial and error and exploration of all the levers on the handlebars eventually proved sufficient.

And then on to High Beach. This was hard work. Cycling on the road and up hills is a damn sight harder than pedalling a bike in front of Desperate Housewives at home. I soon learnt strategies. One of which was get off and push. But it was an exhilarating and enjoyable adventure and I made it to the Kings Head cafe where I had a fizzy water to celebrate.

On the way home I bumped into doctor Sean walking through the forest. I explained that at 65 years of age this was the first time I had ever really, properly been on a bike and I had chosen the forest so that when I made a fool of myself there would be no one to see, and if there was anyone around chances are they wouldn’t know me!

the King’s Head cafe – me and my Carrera

the pond by the King’s Head

……and again!


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