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the Olympic World War

I haven’t been much of  a fan of the London Olympics. Largely because of the colossal hype, expense and impact on the East End of London which really have nothing to do with sport or the spirit of sport. I have welcomed Westfield and am delighted to have access to shops that would otherwise only be available by traveling into the West End. It has also been fun exploring the Olympic City surroundings and watching the place grow.

But the truth of what the Olympics nowadays means becomes more apparent as we come closer to the start of the Games. There is all sorts of nonsense with sponsors taking unsporting liberties, and the corruption of sporting values. Visa, for instance, will not allow it’s ATMs to accept cards other than it’s own. And the torch bearers are embarrassing – Will.i.am!!!???

But the whole farce is brought into perspective when I learn that the military security deployed is the greatest since World War Two. More troops and resources are involved than were in Iraq, the Falklands, Suez, etc. And surface-to-air missiles on top of council flats!

The Olympics has a strong smell of menace and mass control.


jubilee camping, on my way to the Ashram….

Danae and Louisa and their families decide to spend half-term and the Queen’s Jubilee camping at Batcombe Vale in Somerset. We join them and stay at the B&B owned  by Gary and Barbara who run run the campsite.

the lake by the campsite

The week is meant to celebrate the Queen’s reign; it is also a celebration of another type of rain. But nothing daunted, we enjoy ourselves! The first wet day we spend at Wookey Hole, which has become more and more commercialise sand Disneyfied and less and sless to do with speleology, the river Axe and paper printing. But the kids like the dinosaurs and Cottle’s circus exhibits. And if they’re happy…..

…….behind you!!!!! A creature found in the caves at Wookey Hole????

The next day is for adults and we spend it at Glastonbury. In many ways this is just a grown-up version of Wookey Hole – commercialised and Disneyfied but for an older clientele. We all climb the Tor and witness spectacular views through the thunderstorm and bitter rain.

setting off to climb Glastonbury Tor (in the background)

…nearly there….

the sublime view from the Tor

See Flickr for pictures and diary for details.