Daily Archives: 10 June, 2012

Sheila’s 66th birthday

We have all the family around for Sheila’s 66th birthday. Tara can’t come as she is unwell with her Crohn’s disease. Food is from Cafe Spice and is their usual delicious stuff – in particular the Tarka Dal of which I have two helpings.

this photo doesn’t include Harper…

….but this one does!

After lunch I gave out the crossword I created and Sheila solved it first, quickly followed by Julian, Louisa, Danae and then Thom. Nathan wouldn’t play.

I did make some slight mistakes in clueing, but so does Araucaria.

some of us preferred more sophisticated amusement

Meanwhile, a European football contest has started, which Thom watches, and Spain and Italy draw. The match is played in Gdansk  – Danzig!