Tove and Harper sleep-over

We are looking after Tove and Harper for the weekend whilst Louisa and Julian go top Bath to celebrate their joint birthdays. It’s the first time that we’ve had both kids overnight and I’m not sure how they’re going to react. Tove has been known to have a melt-down now and again and Harper is only turned one year old and is at that stage where Mum or Dad are suddenly very important.

However, there is no problem and they are both wonderful to be with, if a little tiring. As  the weather isn’t brilliant, we are at home except for Saturday when we go to the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood – also known commonly as the Toy Museum. Thom joins us and we spend the day looking at the exhibits and being amazed at how many of the toys that Thom and I knew as children are now on display.

we have these at our home!

We eat at a branch of the Wanstead Larder (also sibling to the Butler’s Retreat) just around the corner from Roman Road. It is vegetarian but I don’t really notice until someone points this out. Just shows how much  I’ve adapted to a limited menu since my diabetes.

Coincidentally, Julian and Louisa bring me a small ‘thank you’ gift and it is a collection of Roman soldiers. But from Bath, not Roman Road.

I couldn’t do a full crossword for their birthdays but did mange a few clues, the one I liked most being:

Kate caned her! What! For being exposed as a mistress? (5,6).

There should be the word ‘The” included at the beginning of the solution. But what the heck! I’ve become a Libertarian instead of a Ximenean.


One response to “Tove and Harper sleep-over

  1. Would the answer be Naked Teacher?

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