Kent coast art trail

The details are in my macjournal diary but Sheila and I spent 5 nights with the Burkes in Sandwich and Folkestone, ostensibly checking out the art and galleries that are emerging in the south coast seaside towns. But, in essence eating and drinking and sight-seeing. However, we started off with seeing something of Tracy Emin’s work and ended by viewing the ex-boyfriend, Billy Childish‘s art.

Sandwich was a quaint historic town whilst Folkestone was a once grand Victorian resort. Both were wonderful but Folkestone is the place I’d want to return to. We also visited Whitstable, Margate, Broadstairs, Botany Bay and Deal. The art was in the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate and the Creative Quarter in Folkestone and the Chatham Dockyards. The oddity was in the Shell Grotto in Margate.

tracy emin’s work – her tapestries were brilliant

the bell and the quay from which we took a boat along the Stour

the mysterious shell cave found in 1838

botany bay where there are chalk stacks on the beach like huge tooth stumps

the relish

billy childish, tracy emin’s ex-boyfriend, posing for Sheila

me putting on a childish display

my own art – the crispin inn – is a bit childish

I did a lot of running and discovered a rhythm and gait that seems to suit me. The Sandwich old town wall and the Folkestone Leas were great places to run (see itype2).

More photos can be seen on my Flickr site.


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