Daily Archives: 24 July, 2012

Happy Mondays finish

Rocco is off to join Esme at Snaresbrook School in September and that glorious day – Happy Mondays – sadly comes to a finish. Obviously we shall see all the grandkids but there is something poignant about the coming of age when  Big School arrives and those lovely days of aimless amusement are curtailed.

As a treat for his last Happy Monday, Rocco wanted to visit London Zoo in Regents Park and that is what we did!

a snake’s eye view

I meet Mr. Tiger

and Rocco is with Mr. Lion

Rocco jumps for joy at being in the zoo

the gorilla was Rocco’s favourite

I quite liked the piranhas







Lille and Cologne

My diary has all the awful details, but Ray and Di, Nicolas and Susan and Sheila and myself spend 5 nights in Lille and Cologne, travelling to both cities by Eurostar. Lille is a surprise; a beautiful historic city with some lovely architecture  (including art noveau buildings) and masses of pedestrianised shopping. We stay at the Carlton Hotel in the absolute centre of the city.

outside the Paris Gate in Lille

Cologne is less attractive but our hotel the Arthotel is on the Rhine and close to the Dom and the Heumarkt where all the restaurants are. The city, however, does grow upon you and I found lots to like.

there was an Ark outside our hotel in Cologne

because it rained a lot!

As usual when we all get together and go away for a city break we cram lots of sight-seeing in and cram lots of food and drink in and cram in lots of chatter.

the view along the Rhine

I managed to do a run around the citadel in Lille and hit the 10km mark on a run along the banks of the Rhine – but see iType2 for details.

on the Eurostar heading for Brussels and home

More photos are on Flickr.