about to cross the wobbly bridge

A glorious day out with Louisa, Julian, Tove and Harper which we start at St. Paul’s, crossing the wobbly bridge and having a morning coffee break in the member’s room of the Tate Modern.

on the wobbly bridge

From here we take the Tate-a-Tate riverboat to the Tate Britain for lunch. The food is ‘nice’ but limited and is served in the makeshift cafe on the lawn of the gardens at the front of the building as the gallery is being refurbished.

There is an exhibition of photographs of London. The pictures are socially and historically interesting and there are some quite artistic works on display. But photos don’t excite me in the way that paintings do. Largely because I am not in awe of work that I think I can emulate. A photo that I could take doesn’t excite me as much as a painting that I know I could never do.

But I did enjoy the Cartier Bressons, with their characterful subjects and there was a particular photo by Edouard Boubat of Tower Bridge that I thought very evocative.

looking downriver from Tower Bridge – Edouard Boubat

We ended the day going downriver to North Greenwich and alighting at the Dome near the newly set up cross-Thames cable cars. This stretch of the river is relatively new to me and I have never seen it from a boat. Quite stunning. Must revisit and explore further.

Coincidentally, Thom and I ahd been talking a couple of days ago about an artist whose name I couldn’t remember. Julian mentioned him and there was his work in the Tate Britain: Michael Landy!



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