hellington hall

The Griswalds descend on Norfolk. Southwold, sadly is no longer available and in any case would now be too small. Marston Manor, in Dorset, was great but we decide on a family holiday in Norfolk and Hellington Hall is the place.

Thom and Esme in Beccles aboard the only existing MTB – one that Churchill used on D-Day

sunrise over St. John the Baptist on my early morning cycle ride. The church was my leit motif

the train took the strain

a walk-way through the trees in Bewilderment park

Tove on a swing

Esme organised a FUNd-raising night for GOSH/NSPCC

Five go mad in Norfolk. Well, four do here….

…..and another, slightly different, four are here.

aboard the “Queen of the Broads”

as above (or aft?)



Our adventures included a visit to Norwich Castle, Bewilderment Park, Wells and Walsingham and the model railway, the Broads and Sutton Hoo. Whilst I had many favourite moments one of the best was cycling along the Broads with Sheila, Danae, Louisa and Thom.

the helmet at Sutton Hoo

Sheila playing the piano in the drawing room at Sutton Hoo

My diary and photos are in MacJournal and Flickr.


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