Daily Archives: 2 December, 2012

Miro’s 65th birthday

Miro is 65 and we celebrate with champage at his house and then a meal at Loch Fyne. Michael and Margi couldn’t make it as they were double-booked but the rest of us were there. Pete got inebriated!



Tove’s 4th birthday party – it’s a jungle!

Tove chose a jungle theme for her 4th birthday party and, not surprisingly, was dressed as a cat. Lucy and Nanny Diane were there and friends and family (Thom was at an All Tonorrow’s Parties gig).


Louisa and Julian put on a tremendous performance as hosts and entertainers. The magic lantern show can be seen on my You Tube.



Tove dancing with Rocco and Esme

More photos can be seen on Flickr.

Thom and I didn’t go to see West Ham comprehensively beat Chelsea 3-1. They are now 22 points and Arsenal 21. Shame to have to tell Graham this news!