Esme’s 7th birthday

on the tube to Westminster

on the tube to Westminster


on Westminster Bridge




all is going swimmingly!

all is going swimmingly!

We are going to celebrate Esme’s birthday, this Happy Monday, by taking her to London where she wants to see the Aquarium.

The South Bank is deserted; everything seems shut or is being refurbished – including the London Eye. But the Aquarium is open and despite the high prices – £100+ for 3 adults and 3 children (that’s me, Sheila, Louisa, Esme, Rocco and Tove but Harper doesn’t pay) – the experience is good. There is plenty to see and the kids are happy. Oddly enough the block of ice in the penguin area is one of their  high points. Mine was watching the piranhas eat a dead fish and the jellyfish that changed colour.

Afterwards we eat in Wagamama‘s – Esme’s choice.

See Flickr for more photos.


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