overland around London

As it is such a bright day, if very cold, I decide to make the overland train journey around the capital. London has the Circle Line, but this is all underground; the newly completed overground network is both above ground and extends further out around the city.

I set off at 11.15 and by 11.35 I am on the tube to Stratford where I catch the 12.05 overland train heading for Clapham Junction. 25 minutes later I am at Hampstead and just an hour from leaving Stratford I arrive at Clapham Junction.

The return leg is shorter and actually does spend a bit of time underground – especially crossing the Thames. All in all a grand journey. Is this the first time any commuter has managed to do this since the link was established?

The article that sparked my interest was recently in the Daily Mail.

My log using my Lexux 7:

I am at Highbury and there is a nutter on board; an old guy with a pony-tail that talks to anyone? He gets off at Camden. Seemed quite harmless. Plenty of Polish – east european people also aboard.

25 minutes after setting out I am at Hampstead Heath. Next to me is a young black guy who is an artist sketching with a fine black pen.

45 minutes after leaving Westfield I am in Westfields – but the Shepherd’s Bush site.

I am on Clapham Junction where I leave my train, stay on the same platform, but move along to the train further along the platform that makes the circle back to Highbury. The train leaves at 1.15 pm.

At Denmark Hill the carriage is invaded by scores of soldiers from the Salvation Army. Meanwhile the Babysham pseud continues to drone on loudly on his mobile.

Reaching Surrey Quays I have just passed Millwall football ground! Scum!
After here, the train spends much ofbit’s time underrground as it heads through the Rotherhithe tunnel to come out at Wapping.

the Olympic Village near Stratford

the Olympic Village near Stratford

IMG_5445 IMG_5446


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